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Heartbreak Quotes


You fail to see the one
who loves you standing
right in front as does
she fail to see you love her in turn.
Don't wait to tell her
because it might be to late then.

Loving you always
is like a dream come true,
and someday I hope
to become a part of you.
But until that day comes,
I will pray that one day
you will love me in the same way.

Would you be my angel
to have and to hold?
Would you be my rose
to cherish more than gold?
I love you so much.
I wish you were mine,
but all I can do is wait till that time.

Sometimes in love
you must accept the fact
that what makes the person
you cared about happy
might on the other hand
leave you so lonely.

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Never say 'I like you'
if you don't care. 
never talk about feelings
if they're not there.
 never touch a life
if you mean to break a heart.

The sun can have the sky
and it wouldnt matter.
The night can have its stars
and i woudnt care.
tomorrow can be majestic
yet remain empty,
for it simply wouldnt matter
without you there.

Have you ever noticed that the worst way
to miss someone is when they are right
beside you and you can never have them?

They say, 'Time heals all wounds.'
If that is true,
then I guess mine go deeper than pain.
There are no words
to choose over losing you.
I guess I found out out too late,
and now all I feel is heartbreak
that only hurts when I breathe.

I understand that with loves comes pain,
but why did i have to love so much?

When i look at you my heart skips a beat
but later that beat could mean a lifetime of tears
wasted on something I knew I could never have.

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If you love me like you told me
please be careful with my heart.
you can take it just don't break it
or my world would fall apart.

You learn to like someone
when you find out what
makes them laugh,
but you can never truly love someone
until you find out what makes them cry.

The moment I looked in your eyes
I fell in love.
Every time I look I fall in love again.
I've looked so many times,
and have gathered so much love.
I have so much to carry with me
I don't know what to do.

Even when I pour
my heart out to you,
I'm not sure it shows,
that I love you more
than you'll ever know.

You justify my existence ...
if i have not known you,
I wouldn't have lived,
if I die with out knowing you,
I wouldn't die coz
I didn't live at all...


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