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Heartbroken Quotes


You don't die of a broken heart,
you only wish you did.

"Love don't cost a thing"
except a lot of tears,
a broken heart, and wasted years

How can you be friends
with someone if everytime
you look at them it makes
you want them even more?

If you never get your heart broken,
you'll never learn to love.

How can I promise you forever
when tomorrow
is so far away from me?
How can I dry your tears when
I have a bleeding heart inside of me?
how can I ever forget you
when your name is etched
so deep within me?

Promises and hearts....
two things that are easily broken.

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Why is it that when
you miss someone
so much that your heart
is ready to disintegrate,
you hear the saddest song
on the radio?

To have a broken heart means at least you tried.

I thought I loved him,
but he had to break my heart for me
to know what true love really is.

You know you really love some one when
you can not hate them for breaking your heart

You made me cry...
You tore me apart..
You left me in tears..
You've shattered my heart..
It wasn't your fault..
I guess it was me..
for love can't be forced..
Perhaps we weren't meant to be..
It still doesn't help..
now that i know..
Because for some reason..
my heart won't let go..
I've tried more than once..
to get over you..

The part that hurts me the most,
is knowing that I once had you
and then lost you...

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A heart can be broken;
but it keeps beating just the same.

There are moments when I love you
so much that my chest tightens
and I can hardly breathe;
and others when I feel so alone
without you that my chest tightens
and my heart bleeds.

Tired of trying,
Sick of crying,
Yeah I'm smiling,
but inside I'm dying.

An angel in disguise she was,
but somehow you fell for her.
Until she broke your heart that day,
and left you in the rain,
but still I love you.

True love leaves a memory no one
can steal and a heartache no one can heal

You will have your heartbroken
probably more than once
and it's harder every time.
You'll break hearts too,
so remember how it felt
when yours was broken
- and act accordingly.


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