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Love Quotes For Him


He's everything to me.
He's perfect for me.
But the best part of all...
is that he loves me!

A boy is a magical creature,
you can lock him
out of your workshop,
but you can't lock him
out of your heart.
You can get him
out of your study,
but you can't get him
out of your mind

Once upon a time
I was falling in love,
but now I’m only falling apart.

Never judge someone
by who he's in love with;
judge him by his friends.
People fall in love with
the most appalling people.
Take a cool,
appraising glance at his pals.

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Do not just look
at your boyfriend
as just a boyfriend.
Look at him as a friend, too.

I want to
refresh my mind.
delete all my problems,
undo all my mistakes and
save all the happy moments.

Why does a man take it
for granted that a girl
who flirts with him
wants him to kiss her
- when, nine times out of ten,
she only wants him
to want to kiss her?

I would have
followed him to hell,
if he asked me,
and maybe I did.

I made a wish
and *you* came true.

Im looking for a guy who will kiss me
just before the traffic light turns green,
who closes his eyes when he hugs me,
who will patiently wait for me after class,
who smells hy hair every chance he gets,
who will wipe my sweat with his hanky,
who will sing my favorite song
even if he cant cary a tune,
who will let me rest over his shoulder,
who will let me sleep on his lap
and will give me the 1st and last bite of his burger,
who will squeeze my hand tighter when I squeeze his,
who will make me feel special
when everybody tries to put me down,
who will love me for who I am,
who will protect me when danger comes my way,
who will cry when I leave him,
someone who occupies my dream everynight...
and when I find him I will never let him go...

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She loves him more
than he'll ever know.
He loves her more
than he'll ever show

I don't have a boyfriend right now.
I'm looking for anyone with a job
that I don't have to support.

You are the reason women fall in love.

When I miss you,
I don't have to go far ...
I just have to look inside my heart
because that's where I'll find you.

True happiness lies in you.
Appreciate someone who is trying to care
for you in spite of the distance.
Don't love him for who you hope
he will become tomorrow,
but by loving who he is today,
and not what he is, but who he is!


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