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Pain Quotes


How to define love:
fall but do not stumble,
be constant
but not to persisitent,
share and never be unfair,
understand and
try not to demand,
hurt but never keep the pain.

One word frees us
of all the weight and pain of life:
That word is love.

The pain you have caused
will never go away ...
it has dug a hole
in my heart.
And my heart will
never be the same.

There is one pain I often feel which
you will never know because
it is caused by the absence of you.

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Love is like grass.
If you fall on it,
it may leave a stain
and some temporary pain.
But you’ll get over the pain,
it will eventually stop hurting.
Now maybe the stain ruined
your favorite pair of jeans,
or maybe it was
nothing special that was ruined,
but either way
the stain remains there.
And with time,
it will begin to fade,
but it will always be there,
a permanent reminder that you,
too, once fell.

Don't hold to anger,
hurt or pain.
They steal your energy
and keep you from love.

A failing love is like desperately
hanging on to something precious;
not wanting to give up,
but your hands feel the pain.
And, when you finally let go,
you're free from any pain,
but your hands are empty.

You will never know true happiness,
until you have truly loved,
and you will never understand,
what pain really is, until you have lost it.

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Pain is what
makes me stronger.
I'm holding onto something,
hoping it will come back,
but knowing it won't.

You're not worth the tears,
you're not worth the heartache.
I don't know why I give you the time.
You're not worth the pain,
you're not worth the emptiness.
I don't know why I wish you were mine.

Love and hate
are such strong words,
they also cause
so much pain.

Pain is inevitable.
Suffering is optional.

Missing you could turn
from pain to pleasure,
if I knew you were
missing me too.

I hope that I die before you do, my love,
because I never want to know the pain
of what it's like to be without you.

I understand that with love comes pain,
but why did i have
to love so much?


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