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Sweet Love Quotes


Loving someone
is loving that someone
despite that person's
flaws and weakness.

Don't frown,
because you never know
when someone is falling in love
with your smile.

Some people think
they have to say they are in love
so they believe themselves,
others don't need to say it
because they are.

I didn't know
I was looking for love
until I found you.

I miss you most when I'm sad.
I miss you when
I'm lonely.
But most of all,
I miss you when
I'm happy.

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Sometimes I wonder
if life is really worth it,
then I look at your smile
and I know it is.

Whenever we're apart
it feels like
a part of me is missing...
and then I remember,
you have my heart.

You know you truly love someone
when everyday you meet
is like the first time you fall in love.

I wish I could be your tear drops,
for what more could anyone ask for
then to be conceived in your heart,
born in your eyes,
live on your cheeks,
and die on your lips

You may not have heard me
speak to you that I love you,
but the way that I look into your eyes,
the way I smile when you pass by,
and the way that my
heart feels when you are near...
all speaks of what best
describes the love that I feel.

True love is,
when everything in the world
is going wrong, all you have
to do is look at that special person and,
suddenly, everything in the world is right again.

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There are 3 great things in this world.
The first thing is for you to love someone.
The second thing is for
someone to love you back
and the third greatest thing is for the
first and second thing to
happen at the same time...

If I count how many times
you've crossed my mind in my entire life,
I'd be lying if I said it was too many cause
you only crossed my mind once, why?
You never left...

No poem can be sweeter no sentiment
more true no words could have
more meaning than a simple "I love you"

I never loved you more cause
I never loved you less,
I dont love you now coz
I will love you always,
I dont just love you coz
I love you more than
"I love you" can say...

Heres where she meets prince charming
but wont discover that it's him till chapter three


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